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RG Peredo is a plein-air painter and draughtsman currently living in New York. He received a BA in Art History, a BFA in Fine Arts, and a Master's Degree in Art History from Queens College.

RG has lived abroad in Italy and studied at the University of Siena in Tuscany. Before living in Italy for the first time he dedicated himself to sketching and studying drawing. RG slowly transitioned to painting outdoors in watercolors, and eventually he began painting plein-air in oils.

After realizing his passion for plein-air painting, most of RG's work is produced on-site and "alla prima." This allows for paintings to have a freshness that only occurs from a direct response to the environment in which the painting is being done.

RG was heavily influenced by the Italian Macchiaioli and also by early French Impressionists. He is an avid sketcher and documentarian, who believes in carrying a sketchbook constantly to study and observe the world around him. 

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